Not just a team, a family.


Jürgen and Matthias Nussbaumer are IMMOVENCE. Our enthusiasm for real estate is in our blood. How could it be otherwise, since the best prerequisites were already created by our grandfather. He was a gifted master builder. And we therefore grew up not only with building blocks, but also with his passion for real estate.

Fairness and cohesion have been taught to us by family and sport. That is exactly what gives us orientation in our profession as well. We stand for fairness and open cooperation without compromise. Privately and professionally, our paths should develop in a similar way. We constantly educate ourselves and know how the industry is developing. Today we are IMMOVENCE: a strong team that simply complements each other well. And of course we are a family.


I am the sunny boy and enjoy working with people. Being able to put myself in their shoes and working together to achieve the desired result are my greatest skills. I get stuck in and don’t do things half way. Our clients can therefore rely on me to work on new solutions in a goal-oriented way. They can also rely on my: Handwork quality – because that’s what I value most.

IMMOVENCE - Matthias


I am always optimistic and don’t let little things upset me. That gets you to your goals faster! It’s not only at my desk that I have an overview, I’m basically always quite structured and organised. I rely on my expertise and not on emotions, which is why I always act prudently and work objectively on quick and reliable solutions for our clients. And when dealing with them, empathy and trust are particularly important to me.


For us, this means leaving the beaten track and rethinking the real estate business: With IMMOVENCE we offer you new, fast and innovative ways to sell your property.

The sale of a flat or a house is always a very personal matter. Properties tell stories and they carry memories. We know that only too well. And that is precisely why it is so important to us that we always put your individual wishes and needs at the centre of our work. With our new ways, which goes beyond the common practice in Austria’s real estate industry, we can handle the sales process more quickly, more cost-effectively and with less stress for you.

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