Sell ​​house, sell apartment and live for rent.

Retirement provision for more freedom. Stress-free, unbound and such,
like you deserve it.

IMMOVENCE CARE is the purchase/rental concept from IMMOVENCE.
We buy your house or apartment and you can continue to live in it for rent. Everything that a property involves in terms of effort is rid of you.
We take care of all payments, e.g. Insurance. We take care of dealing with the insurance company in the event of damage and also take over the billing of operating costs and the entire property management.
Of course, we also take care of technical and other tasks around the house or apartment.
You stay in your property and in your familiar surroundings. Just without the hassle of having to take care of a house. And if you want to live somewhere else, we support you with our partners in finding a suitable rental property at the best conditions.

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Questions about IMMOVENCE CARE


Do not worry. We bear the costs for the purchase contract, the rental contract, re-registrations, ancillary costs, etc.

We would like to point out that the ImmoESt must be paid by the seller as usual.
With the ImmoESt, the capital gain, the difference between the sales proceeds and the acquisition costs, is taxed at 30 percent.

Exceptions: If your property was used as your main residence for at least 2 years from the time of purchase until it was sold, or if the property was used as your main residence for at least five years in the last 10 years before the sale, no real estate income tax is payable.

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